Committee members received 'violent threats' after document release

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Members of the NCAA Committee on Infractions were subject to "violent threats" after the release of documents related to the governing body's investigation of USC,theLos Angeles Times has reported, citing court documents.

"As a result of filing these documents, some Committee on Infractions members received violent threats directed at them, including in their homes," the NCAA said in a motion Friday.

Almost 500 pages of documents, including emails, interview transcripts, phone records and other communication, were part of a filing last month in former USC assistant football coach Todd McNair's defamation lawsuit against the NCAA in the Second District of the California Court of Appeal.

The NCAA had fought to keep the documents sealed, arguing, according to the Los Angeles Times, "that not doing so would hinder future investigations by the organization." The court rejected the argument.

The dispute over the documents is continuing in court because the NCAA did not file about 200 additional documents it originally sought to seal. McNair's attorneys have asked for the NCAA's appeal to be dismissed, while the NCAA countered with Friday's motion, saying, "The NCAA should not be required to disclose confidential information beyond what is necessary for this court's effective review."

The threats to committee members were mentioned in a footnote, and no other details were provided, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The documents released last month "are cause for concern about the NCAA's own institutional control," Trojans athletic director Pat Haden said at the time.

"These recent documents confirm what we've believed all along, that we were treated unfairly in this investigation and its penalties," Haden said.