Draymond Green to wear braces for a while after being elbowed

Golden State forward Draymond Green said Thursday he will be wearing braces for a "couple weeks" after being elbowed by Oklahoma City forward Jerami Grant during the Warriors' 125-105 loss Tuesday to the Thunder.

"My tooth got knocked back -- my big tooth, my front tooth, " Green said. "It is what it is."

He said he spent Wednesday at the dentist's office.

Green was bloodied in the collision and complained to official Lauren Holtkamp for not calling a foul. He was given a technical and was tossed in the fourth quarter, after he got a second technical for throwing the ball out of bounds in the direction of the referee.

Green has a league-high 13 technicals, trailed by teammate Kevin Durant with 11.

NBA players are allowed 16 technicals during the regular season before earning an automatic one-game suspension.

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Draymond gets tech after arguing with ref
Draymond gets tech after arguing with ref
Jerami Grant drives into Draymond Green leaving the Warriors forward with a bloody lip. Green is not happy no call is made and argues with referee Lauren Holtkamp before getting a technical.
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