Serendipity: Klay Thompson climbs into Uber driven by Warriors fan who creates remarkable t-shirts

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Hardcore Warriors fans gathered at Brennan's in Berkeley Tuesday, living and dying with every play as if lifelong dreams hang in the balance.

PHOTO STORY: Warriors fan and artist has chance meeting with Klay Thompson

For Yani Teichner, it's true.

Wayne Freedman: You need them to win?
Teichner: For many reasons.

You'll understand when you visit Teichner at his mother's house, where he as moved back in, transformed a bedroom into a studio, and spent hours creating wearable, limited-edition, non-fading, signed prints of the Warriors starters.

It's a novel idea.

"I'm defying odds here," Teichner said.

Especially for a guy who turned his back on 10 years in corporate America to make this happen.

"Whenever there has been a fork in the road of my life, it always comes back to my art," Teichner said.

A passion for drawing and basketball began years ago with crayons and continues today with a few detours along the way.

With the corporate income gone, Teichner drives for Uber and uses every square inch of his car for advertising space.

Do you believe in serendipity -- guess who climbs in the back seat.

"Yeah," Teichner said smiling. "Klay Thompson."

The same Klay Thompson Teichner is now drawing. "I told him, you're next."

And with perseverance, his work has drawn enough attention to get him into a Warriors practice, and he hopes a formal deal with the team.

Wayne: So if they say let's go?
Yani: As many as they want.

So, now you understand why Teichner hangs on every basket of these NBA playoffs. You would too if you had invested everything.

Wayne: You better hope they win.
Yani: Yeah.
Wayne: So does your mother.
Yani: That's right.

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