Marcus Peters wants to talk on Marshawn Lynch's behalf at appeal

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters wants to speak on Marshawn Lynch's behalf at the Oakland Raiders running back's hearing to appeal his one-game suspension, a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Peters would speak via telephone if he can make it work with his schedule, the source said.

Fox Sports first reported that Peters planned to speak on Lynch's behalf.

Lynch was suspended for running from the sideline during a scrum Thursday night, bumping an official in the chest and then grabbing him by the jersey before letting go and tending to Peters.

The scrum happened after Peters hit Raiders quarterback Derek Carr late, drawing a flag for a personal foul. Several Raiders offensive linemen went after Peters, an Oakland native and close friend of Lynch's.

Raiders left tackle Donald Penn told ESPN on Friday that Lynch was trying to protect Peters.

"You know, Marshawn is his cousin, man. They're like brothers," Penn told SportsCenter's Michael Eaves on Friday.

"Marshawn was just trying to get his cousin and make sure his cousin was safe, because Marshawn saw three big O-linemen going after his cousin, and Marshawn knows how we get down as offensive linemen. And he knows how his cousin gets down, so I think he was just trying to stop something from getting bigger than it was. He didn't know if a punch was going to get thrown or if it was going to blow up. I think he was just trying to get in there to get his cousin to the sideline, get things safe, get us back playing."

Penn said he spoke with Lynch and Peters after the game.

"He just got caught up in the moment, trying to protect his cousin," Penn said of Lynch.

ESPN's Paul Gutierrez contributed to this report.