Super Bowl LIX odds open with 49ers, Chiefs, Ravens as top 3

ByDoug Greenberg ESPN logo
Monday, February 12, 2024

Super Bowl LVIII, an overtime win for the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night, will go down as an instant classic.

Vegas foresees a rematch next year.

The 49ers are the consensus favorites to win Super Bowl LIX, coming in at +550 on ESPN BET. Other national sportsbooks have San Francisco as short as +450 and as long as +575.

Next on the consensus odds rankings are the Chiefs, who show +700 odds to win next year on ESPN BET. Several books are offering +750, with Caesars showing Kansas City at +800, tied for second on the list with the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens, who lost to the Chiefs in this year's AFC Championship Game, are a consensus top-three option, with their +850 odds at ESPN BET mostly representing the offering across the market, with some variance higher or lower.

The Buffalo Bills come in as a consensus top-four option across the market (10-1 at ESPN BET), but after them it starts to get murkier: The Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins are all in the next echelon, but with varying positions and prices from book to book.

Oddsmakers set the lines based on what they're seeing from teams now and the anticipation of what they could be in the future, which leaves plenty of wiggle room for the odds to change.

"There's going to be a fluctuation in these odds for various reasons before the season starts and when the season starts," DraftKings director of race and sportsbook operations Johnny Avello told ESPN.

Aside from offseason draft picks and trades, several books already have moved lines after taking early action.

Since its odds for next year first went live on Jan. 29, ESPN BET moved the Ravens from +750 to +850 and the Lions from 14-1 to 12-1. Caesars told ESPN that Detroit and the Los Angeles Chargers (25-1) are already its biggest liabilities for Super Bowl LIX.

"Obviously, the Lions are following up on a tremendous season and the Chargers made a splash by hiring Jim Harbaugh as their head coach," said the book's assistant director of trading, Adam Pullen.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the consensus odds list are the Carolina Panthers, who are 250-1 at ESPN BET and aren't doing much better at any other books.

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