This week's Big Question: Which NHL city has the best fans? ESPN logo
Friday, January 27, 2017

This week's Big Question: Which city -- besides your own -- has the best fans?

Zach Parise, C, Minnesota Wild: "It's tough to go against Montreal. The atmosphere in that building when you go on the ice ... it feels like a playoff game every time. It's crazy. That's the best one."

Gustav Nyquist, RW, Detroit Red Wings:"Chicago and Montreal. Those two stick out for me, especially [hearing] the national anthem in Chicago. That always gets you going. Montreal fans are usually good, too, with the way they're loud and stuff. This two fan bases are good."

Brendan Gallagher, RW, Montreal Canadiens: "Chicago is always cool. The anthem is special. I always forget that and then we go there and it catches you off guard, the fans cheering during the anthem, it gives you a boost. It's a fun atmosphere."

Mark Giordano, D, Calgary Flames: "San Jose. Their fans are great. It feels like they're right on top of you. I think it's the structure of the building, too. But those fans are great."

Brian Campbell, D, Chicago Blackhawks:"Other than ours? Ours are pretty crazy. For passion and stuff, maybe Montreal. They've got some passionate fans. They travel well, too."

Ryan Suter, D, Minnesota Wild: "Montreal fans are really good. San Jose has a really loud building -- that's a really tough place to play. Chicago, we play them a lot. The national anthem, those fans are good."

Frederik Andersen, G, Toronto Maple Leafs: "I'm going to be biased toward the teams I played against in the playoffs because it's always a different atmosphere. Nashville was unreal last year. Winnipeg was amazing the year when the Jets first got back in the playoffs. Chicago is a very cool place to play, too. Regular season? The Rangers' building is a very cool place to play. New York can get rowdy and their fans are very much into their sports."

Dominic Moore, C, Boston Bruins: "Boston, for sure, has the best sports fans in general. But, if you're not counting Boston, best hockey fans? Well, I'd say some of the smaller markets that support their team. You've got to respect those fans who come out and are huge fans, even in markets where [hockey's] not the thing. A lot of people would say the more traditional teams have the best fans, but there's something to be said on both sides."

Nazem Kadri, C, Toronto Maple Leafs:"Can't name our own? One hundred percent I would have said Leafs fans -- let's just put that on the record. But the Habs fans are pretty crazy, too. Boston as well. I'd say it's between Montreal and Boston."

James van Riemsdyk, RW, Toronto Maple Leafs: "That playoff run we had in Philly [in 2010] was pretty incredible. I have not played in a louder building than in the Stanley Cup final that year. I'd have to go with Philly."

Eric Staal, C, Minnesota Wild: "These ones here [in Montreal]. Just a great place to play."

Connor Carrick, D, Toronto Maple Leafs: "Chicago is a good building -- they have a good thing going. I always like the hostile fans, the ones who hate the other team. I always look back to playing in the OHL, and Plymouth and playing Owen Sound, and they hated us. I thought that was awesome. We won the series on their ice, fans were yelling at us as we left, players were pissed off at the fans. It was great. I like when the fans hate you. They should. They should hate the other team."

-- Pierre LeBrun, Craig Custance, Scott Burnside,Joe McDonald