Watch Torrey Smith's son dance 'Juju on that Beat' with Bruce Ellington ESPN logo
Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It appears the adorable son of San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Torrey Smithmight have a career in dance -- or at least entertainment -- ahead.

First,TJ nailed "the whip" while still in diapers. Then, he showed us his irresistible urge to dance whenever music is turned on -- again while still in diapers.

Now, he has mastered the 'Juju on that Beat' dance with Smith's teammate Bruce Ellington. Prepare for a cuteness overload.

That running man, though -- on point. One thing's for sure: This is just the beginning of TJ's dance videos. Or at least we hope so.

Smith, Ellington and the Niners will face the Atlanta Falconson Sunday and hope to tally their second win. Maybe TJ's dance moves will kick up the team spirit, something the 49ers desperately need.

-- Courtney Schellin