'We will defend everybody' Gov. Brown takes on Trump in State of State address

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Gov. Brown delivers 15th State of the State address Tuesday
Gov. Jerry Brown delivered his 15th State of the State address in Sacramento Tuesday, focusing on the Trump Administration, climate change, immigration, and healthcare.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KGO) -- Governor Jerry Brown delivered his 15th State of the State address in Sacramento Tuesday.

For much of his speech, Brown defended California against the Trump Administration.

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It was the first public event in which the governor took direct aim at the new Commander in Chief.

"We can't fall back and give in to the climate deniers. The science is clear, the danger is real," said Brown.

He also went on the attack when addressing the new administration's immigration stances.

"We will defend everybody, every man, woman and child who has come for a better life, who's contributed to the well-being of our state," said Brown.

Brown touched on Obamacare as well. "For any of that to be taken away, our state's budget would be devasted. That's why I intend to join with other governors to protect the healthcare of our people."

The governor got plenty of applause from the largely democratic legislature, but republican lawmakers were not as inspired by his fiery speech.

"There wasn't enough talk about jobs at this time. I'm hoping we can move forward on that front as well," said Jean Fuller, a republican senator from California's 16th district.

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Governor Brown concluded by saying that he wants to find a way to work with the federal government and that republicans in California deserve to be heard.