Stephen and Ayesha Curry unveil new education lab in Oakland

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Stephen and Ayesha Curry unveil new education lab
Stephen and Ayesha Curry unveiled a new safe place for kids in Oakland -- an education lab.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Stephen Curry returned to the Bushrod Recreation Center in Oakland one year after he dedicated the refurbished gym. But this year, the focus was on part two of the rec center's overhaul.

The Warriors point guard came to open the Stephen and Ayesha Curry Family Foundation Education Lab.

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"To be able to go in and really become smarter, become more confident, more intelligent as human beings is definitely important, so we want you guys to enjoy that space," said Curry.

It took two months of planning to transform the room. Chase and Under Armour also contributed.

The biggest change is the addition of laptops, technology that many of the kids in the Bushrod neighborhood don't have access to at home.

Kids ABC7 talked with say the computers should help them with their school work.

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"Looking up stuff. If I have like a math thing, I can get help from there," said Quin Windom, a 9-year old who'll be entering fourth grade in the fall.

But there's fun stuff too -- among them, a video game center and Foosball table.

Curry, though, gave the kids very specific instructions. "He said I have to finish my homework and then play," said Ajanae Castle, a soon-to-be sixth grader.

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