Former roommate of Sunnyvale crash suspect: 'The person who did what he did is not the person that I know'

SUNNYVALE, Calif. (KGO) -- A 13-year-old girl remains in critical condition. She's one of eight who was injured Tuesday, in 34-year-old Isaiah Peoples' suspected path of destruction.

Sunnyvale DPS says it hasn't uncovered a motive, but the department maintains this was no accident.

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"We are recommending eight counts of attempted murder based upon the evidence we obtained at the scene," Sunnyvale DPS Capt. Jim Choi told reporters at a Wednesday news conference.

New details identify the youngest victim as a nine-year-old boy. Six victims were taken to area hospitals.

DPS announced Peoples was traveling westbound on El Camino Real toward Sunnyvale Avenue at the time of the crash. They say he sped up, going straight into victims in the crosswalk, he took out others at the corner.

Those who know Peoples say details are difficult to process.

"The person who did what he did is not the person that I know," Chuck Herrera told ABC7 News.

Herrera felt he had to say something about his former roommate.

Herrera says despite the destruction, Peoples wasn't a malicious person. He remembers a quiet man-- a reserved roommate with little to say.

"He was good to my son. He was good to my wife," Herrera told ABC7 News. "He was good to the other roommate we had."

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Sky7 was overhead as detectives served a search warrant on Peoples' apartment in Sunnyvale.

As more information is being released, Herrera says he can't make sense of what investigators are calling an intentional attack.

"I feel for the kids that got hurt, for the adults," Herrera said. "For his family. Even for him, because I have no idea why he did it."
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