Coronavirus survivor: Man who spent 34 days on ventilator released from UCSF

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- UCSF's longest COVID-19 patient stay was finally released after spending 60 days in the hospital. Of those, 44 were spent in the ICU and 34 were on a ventilator

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A small army of nurses, doctors and staff cheered as Ron Temko left UCSF Medical Center at Mount Zion.

In the scheme of things, these uplifting send-offs of coronaviurs patients never get old.

"It's a miracle I'm alive, and so thank you so much, thank you so much," said Temko.

Temko, who is in his 60s, was hospitalized at UCSF on March 20 after complaining of flu-like symptoms. His condition got worse and he ended up in the ICU.

The couple had been to Europe and South Africa. Their last stay was in England before returning to San Francisco.

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Even though they were traveling together, Ron's wife Linda never had any symptoms. She eventually tested negative for COVID-19.

"It's like a tornado," Linda explained. "it comes through and it picks up a house here and goes around and picks up another a couple of blocks away, you just don't know."
Ron says it was his nurse, Jason Bloomer, who reassured him that there was life after the virus.

"And once I had that in my head that there would be an end to this no matter how long it took, everything turned around," he said.

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Bloomer explains, "The hardest part especially now with COVID-19 is the lack of visitation and full support so doing things like zoom and bringing everybody in to be supportive is a huge part."

On Wednesday, two of his children were watching him on their phones from L.A. as he left the hospital.

Two days ago, the couple celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary from a distance. Now, there is much to look forward to.

"Enjoy watching my grandchildren, seeing my grandchildren and then just enjoying my second life because this is life number two," said Temko with tears in his eyes.

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