Tamron Hall is excited to kick off season 3 of Emmy-winning talk show

Season 3 of "Tamron Hall Show" is packed with can't miss conversations, from the deeply personal to the purely fun.

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Friday, September 3, 2021
Tamron Hall discusses season 3 of talk show
Tamron Hall talks to On The Red Carpet's Karl Schmid about season 3 of her award-winning talk show.

Tamron Hall is kicking off the third season of her Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show Monday, Sept. 6. "Tamron Hall Show" will continue to tackle meaningful and important conversations. But this season, the show is finally welcoming back its live studio audience.

"When I walked into our studio a couple of days ago and saw the chairs and imagined people sitting in those chairs, I got goosebumps," Hall told On The Red Carpet's Karl Schmid. "I cannot believe it, I'm so excited."

This season, Hall is opening the floor for conversations surrounding COVID, school mask mandates, critical race theory in the classroom and more. Upcoming shows will also feature a wide range of celebrity guests. On Sept. 8, Tameka Foster-Raymond will join Hall and open up about reclaiming her life after her divorce from Usher and the heartbreaking loss of her son.

"We don't often see these conversations anymore with big groups of people, as we saw in the Phil Donahue days, in the Oprah Winfrey days," Hall said.

These conversations aren't just top of mind for the audience, but they're personal to Hall herself. The host says she's been spending her time teaching her 2-year-old son, Moses, to put on a mask (with a little help from Elmo, of course) to prepare him for school.

"Obviously, as it relates to race, it is quite clear that I'm a Black woman hosting this show," Hall said. "What better opportunity to meet people where they are, bring people with very different views, but have a civilized conversation?"

To audiences who have tuned in to past seasons, it should come as no surprise that Hall plans to have some fun with this season.

"I tell people, think of this show as: You are in your second mimosa [with] your real friends... You don't have to feel beat down by the conversation, but you can be real."

Season 3 of "Tamron Hall Show" kicks off Monday, Sept. 6. Check local listings.

Tamron Hall talks about tackling tough topics in season 3 of the "Tamron Hall Show."