Fires, looting erupt as vandals strike East Bay businesses

ByAmy Hollyfield and J.R. Stone KGO logo
Monday, June 1, 2020
Fires, looting erupt as vandals strike East Bay businesses
A fire ripped through an East Bay Walmart as looters destroyed several businesses in the Bay Area overnight.

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (KGO) -- Curfews around the Bay Area went into effect Sunday night after looters wreaked havoc at several shopping centers.

In San Leandro, the Walmart store on Davis Street as people were seen minutes earlier looting. Alameda County firefighters say propane tanks caught on fire. There are no reports of injuries. It was just one of the various locations in the city that were hard-hit by looters last night.

Looting was caught on video at the Bayfair Mall in San Leandro around 8:45 p.m. Dozens of people could be seen storming into the Designer Shoe Warehouse and the Ulta Beauty location next door. Looters were going in and out for several minutes before officers arrived.

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Some of the initial looting we saw started just before 6 p.m. in Walnut Creek.

SKY7 was up above when a group of looters turned on one another and began fighting over clothes.

VIDEO: Looters fight over clothes, police investigate Walnut Creek vandalism

SKY7 caught looters fighting over clothes and police entering a Target store that was broken into in Walnut Creek Sunday night.

The Target store on Main Street near Ygnacio Valley Road and the Macy's store on Broadway Plaza were also hit by looters. We were there as officers arrived and made their way into the store through the broken glass.

Just after 6:30 p.m. reports of looting came in at the Best Buy in Pleasant Hill. When ABC7 arrived you could see the heavy police presence.

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In Oakland we saw at least one person get arrested. Just past 7 p.m. about a dozen people stormed out of the Shoe Palace location with items in hand. Some packing their cars and hitting the road. Most got away but our cameras caught that one individual on his knees with his hands up.