Man alleges his McDonald's tea contaminated with powerful cleaner

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Friday, February 27, 2015

An Indiana man is recovering after drinking tea allegedly contaminated with cleaning solution at a McDonald's.

Paramedics rushed Paul Watkins to the hospital last Saturday after he took a drink of the tea he poured for himself inside a West Indianapolis McDonald's.

"He fills his cup with ice. He gets half unsweetened tea and he goes to fill it with sweet tea, and it looks kind of dark. He took the lid off, he said, he didn't see anything wrong with it," Jerrilyn Watkins, the man's wife said. "He takes a drink of it and the initial whole thing is burning."

Paul Watkins and Jerrilyn Watkins.

Indianapolis police determined Watkins drank a heavy duty degreaser used to clean floors.

Similar claims have been made against McDonald's before. Last month, an Indiana teenager filed a lawsuit, after he says he ingested cleaning solution in McDonald's tea and a Maryland woman made a similar claim about her McDonald's tea in 2009.