California Congressman Ted Lieu calls Trump election lawsuits 'meaningless'

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Thursday, November 12, 2020
CA rep calls Trump election lawsuits 'meaningless'
Rep. Ted Lieu's tweet likened searching for voter fraud after the 2020 election to searching for Bigfoot.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Southern California Congressman Rep. Ted Lieu has made a splash while covering the Trump administration over the last four years, gaining more than 1.4 million Twitter followers.

He's continued to do so throughout the 2020 election, as he compared the Trump campaign's claims of voter fraud to looking for Bigfoot.

Rep. Lieu joined ABC7 News Wednesday to further dissect this topic, and offered some very straight-to-the-point insights.

We asked Lieu, for those who are concerned there may have been some degree of error in ballot counting, even if small, what do you say?

"Donald Trump's campaign has now lost 16 court cases and won exactly zero," he replied. "And in court, they are actually saying that there is no fraud. What we're seeing right now is really, simply, an unwillingness to accept the presidential election. What happened is, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump... this is not a close election."

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He says even if the Trump campaign won their lawsuit in Arizona, "which they won't," Trump would still lose the election.

"This is like, if you lost a basketball game by 46 points, and then you're mad because on the last shot your opponent was awarded three points, rather than two, because his foot came close through the line," Lieu explained. "That's what we're talking about here - meaningless lawsuits. Donald Trump simply has to accept this defeat."

So, if Donald Trump cannot mathematically win the election at this point, why all the lawsuits? What is the endgame here, we asked.

Lieu says it's about two things -- money and ego.

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"Donald Trump's campaign is raising a lot of money off of these lawsuits because they keep sending emails to his supporters," he said. And "his ego simply can't accept the fact that he lost."

He went on to say, "Donald Trump simply has to accept the fact that the American people have spoken and he lost, and there's really nothing he can do to change the fact that, on January 20, he will be escorted out of the White House."

We asked if the lawsuits would impact the timing of other issues happening in politics, such as the Electoral College meeting on Dec. 24.

Lieu says no, because "courts actually require evidence and the Trump campaign has still provided no evidence."

Watch the full, 10-minute interview in the video player at the top of the post.

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