Robotic device helps man stand at altar for his wedding

Sunday, September 4, 2016
Robotic device helps man stand at alter for his wedding in Agoura Hills
A man who suffered a brain aneurysm that affected his speech and mobility was able to stand next to his bride at the alter with the help of a robotics device.

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. -- Anticipation built as Annetta Bryant prepared for her trip down the aisle. Her husband-to-be, Steve Jabari, would not use his wheelchair for their ceremony.

Jabari suffered a brain aneurysm nearly six years ago, which affected his speech and mobility. But thanks to a company called Tek Robotics, he stood next to his bride.

"This is the most overwhelmingly exciting moment of my entire life," Bryant said. "I actually almost fainted because we've been wanting this for a couple years when it was prototyped."

The device needed to be adjusted to fit Jabari properly and support his weight. As he was lifted into place and properly supported, he needed some help operating the joystick before his big moment.

"It lifts you underneath and when you're standing you're wedged in there, so it uses your skeletal structure, but you don't need to use any muscles to use the device," said Dan Niccum with Tek Robotics.

Jabari's entrance drew applause and cheers from their guests, and then the moment they had all been waiting for came. Bryant made her way to the stage to be by Jabari's side, and the two shared a kiss before the ceremony started.

The Tek Robotic Mobilization Device costs more than $20,000. The newlyweds started a GoFundMe page to raise the funds needed to buy Jabari his own mobility device.

"This is a demo, but we're asking for help and support from the world. Help us, so we can have something. That it gives him a chance to stand tall, get his strength back in his legs," Bryant said.

On their wedding night and many more magical nights in the future, Jabari can stand tall next to the woman who stood by him throughout his recovery.

If you want to donate to their GoFundMe, you can go to the page at