'The Bachelorette' episode 5 recap: 1 man switches from team Rachel to team Gabby

ByMolly Fish OTRC logo
Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Bachelorette episode 5 recap: 1 man flip-flops to team Gabby
The women may have split their journeys, but one man still can't hold back lingering feelings for another bachelorette.

"The Bachelorette" episode 5 opens up with the group continuing their journey to find love in Bruges, Belgium: the perfect place to fall in love.

Rachel's men are gearing up for their group date, but unfortunately Logan has decided that Bruges is actually the perfect place to break Rachel's heart (again). Logan tells Rachel that he's actually more into Gabby and that he can't participate in the group date. The poor girl is understandably upset and says that she feels like a failure as a Bachelorette.

Logan then visits Gabby in her room and tells her everything. He asks her if she would be interested in seeing where things go, and Gabby says she needs some time to think about it.

Rachel's group date: evening-only edition

Rachel is too upset to go along with the men for the daytime portion of their group date; however, she does still have an evening group date with her men, including Tino, Zach, Meatball, Ethan and Tyler. She lets them know about the Logan situation, and the guys are shocked.

Luckily, the night turns around, and Rachel has some great connections with the guys. Ethan gets some major points by "checking in" with her to make sure she's OK, but the group date rose ultimately goes to Tino who she continues to build a strong bond with.

Gabby's group date

Meanwhile, Gabby takes Nate, Erich, Michael, Mario, Spencer and Jason along for a day of exploring Bruges, eating waffles, and playing soccer. Also, I guess a date is never complete without a healthy game of rock, paper, scissors, fish slap. Yes, you read that correctly. The group played rock, paper, scissors, and if you lost, you got slapped with a fish. So romantic!

In the evening portion of the date, Logan shows up, much to the chagrin of the other guys. They worry that Logan will just waltz in and get the group date rose. Good news for them, Nate ended up scoring the group date rose, but that doesn't mean Logan is done stirring up some trouble.

Rachel and Aven's one-on-one date

Rachel and Aven take off for their very own fairytale adventure around Bruges in a horse drawn carriage. She says she feels safe with him. Could Aven be a frontrunner?

When we reach the nighttime portion of the date, we learn more about Aven's past. He says that he needs to feel secure in a relationship because growing up his parents were never together. Though he barely saw his mom growing up, they reconnected and became close once he became an adult. He offers Rachel a good look charm/bracelet his mom made for him, and Rachel is very touched. She offers him the rose.

Gabby and Johnny's one-on-one date

The couple goes on a date to a brewery (or as Johnny calls it, a "beer farm") where they spend the day sampling different brews. They even have a spa day soaking in beer! Gabby says that she always has fun with Johnny but wants to see if she can take their relationship deeper.

During the evening portion of the date, they do just that. Johnny opens up and talks about how he has struggled with depression and is always very hard on himself. Gabby says that she can totally relate as she struggles with her own anxieties as well. Clearly happy with where the night took them, Gabby offers him the rose, and Johnny gladly accepts.

Cocktail party and rose ceremony

It's time for the cocktail party and rose ceremony, but the biggest question on everyone's minds is whether or not Gabby is going to offer Logan a rose. The ceremony went as follows:

Rachel's roses:

- Zach

- Tyler

- Ethan

- Aven (one-on-one date rose)

- Tino (group date rose)

Gabby's roses:

- Jason

- Spencer

- Erich

- Logan

- Johnny (one-on-one date rose)

- Nate (group date rose)

Gabby has spoken, and Logan will stay! That leaves no roses for Michael, Mario and Meatball. Something about those "M" names this week.

Looks like some drama is being cooked up next week when the group travels to Amsterdam. Don't miss "The Bachelorette" on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC!