Luke P. professes that he's falling for 'Bachelorette' Hannah...on the 1st group date

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
See the top clips of Hannah and Luke P.'s time together on Episode 2
Clips of Luke P. and Hannah on week 2 of "The Bachelorette."

NEW YORK -- How soon is too soon to drop the L word? One man on "The Bachelorette" did so on a group date, the very first group date in fact, and on stage. What?!

1st Group Date

The first date card read, "Grant, Luke S., Mike, Jed, Jonathan, John Paul Jones, Dylan, Luke P., I'm looking for my Mr. Right." Three drag queens worked with the guys to put on a "Mr. Right" pageant for Hannah. They had to answer questions, do a swimsuit portion and even a talent show. The guys were really good sports about the whole thing, not only that, but they really wanted to win! They were getting jealous over each other's muscles and hoping they could steal Hannah's attention. Luke P. did just that - he is one giant muscle. Jed performed an original song for our "Bachelorette" and really impressed her. Luke P. went up on stage and just gave a speech about how he's falling in love with her, "genuinely starting to fall in love with you." And then he went up and gave her a kiss in front of everyone. The other guys were horrified. They found it disrespectful to everyone, and they were even more upset once he won the pageant.

Later that evening, Luke P. tried to explain that he actually does feel like he's genuinely falling for her. He told Hannah he's being honest and said those feelings started before he even met her. Hannah said that she's glad he told her and she wants him to be bold and fight for her and he's doing all those things. She believes him. The guys, however, didn't think he was being honest. It was a bold move to say he's falling for her in front of all of them. Mike didn't buy it and led the confrontation. Luke P. didn't care and told them so. He said he's going for it and he wants Hannah and no one will stop him. She also made progress in her relationship with Jed who really seemed to calm her down. In the end, she gave the group date rose to him! Wow, even though he dropped the L-bomb, Luke P. didn't score the rose...yet.

One-on-One Date

The date card read "Falling in love can be messy." She picked Tyler G. for this date and they left in a helicopter. So the messy part of the date was that they went ATV riding together in the mud. Their dinner portion of the date was uneventful and they seemed to make a good connection. She offered him the rose and he said he would accept it if he got to hang out with her a little bit more. They kissed and then she took him to check out the view where they did some more kissing.

Group Date #2

The date card was for Devin, Mateo, Daron, Connor J, Kevin, Dustin, Tyler C., Joey, Peter, and Garrett and read "Let's get our love on track." Cam and two other guys didn't get picked for any dates this week. She took the guys to a roller derby rink. The LA Derby Girls helped train the guys. Fred Willard was alongside Chris Harrison to host the derby competition. It was fun to watch although Dustin hurt his ankle.

During the evening part of the group date, she comforted Dustin who hurt his ankle. He's a bit quiet, but Hannah likes him and they did some kissing. Peter the pilot had a great talk with her but ended their chat with a hug. If he makes it far in this competition, I'd like to see him as the next "Bachelor" if he doesn't win! Then something shocking happened...Cam showed up! He was bent out of shape about not getting on the date, so he walked in with a bouquet of flowers and asked to steal Hannah's time. Hannah looked a bit off-put by him showing up. He managed to charm her during his talk and she called it "a good surprise." The other men said Cam's move gave off a "stalker vibe." As he was talking to the camera about his chat with her, Tyler C. walked up from behind and confronted him in a casual way and told him the other guys are upset, but he didn't spend very much time on it because he wanted to get back to Hannah. Then, it was a parade of men telling Cam he had poor judgment and no one appreciated it. In the end, Hannah decided to give the group date rose to Dustin.

Cocktail Party

Hannah walked in and started crying because she said she's so lucky and so scared that she has to send people home. She's worried she doesn't know them well enough yet and love can be messy. It was a bit awkward, but I guess she was just overwhelmed. Hannah told Connor S. there's a connection during their time and he went in for the kiss. So even though he didn't have a date, things seem good between them. Kevin also finally got some time with Hannah where he let her scream to get some of the tension out and they had just started to talk when Cam showed up again. What on earth. You can't blame Kevin for being uber annoyed at this point. He said he had something for all three of them. It was a heart made out of petals on the ground and it was awkward. He served them all chicken nuggets and made Kevin sit there as he presented the picnic to Hannah. Kevin confronted him and threw the chicken nuggets at him and told Cam to "Go *expletive* himself."

Tyler C. kept things calm and they had a special talk where he described seeing her for the first time as coming out of the football tunnel at a game. He says he gets that feeling every time he sees her. Hannah told him that she likes the way he looks at her. He agreed and said that he's locked in on her. They kissed. Luke P. upped the ante with a massage table and candlelight. Hannah then told him that it was her turn to massage him and she had him take his shirt off! So, she decided to help him with that and made out with him while stripping him down. Jed walked in and he was not happy with what he saw going on. Hannah started to freak out and Luke P. apologized and said it was his fault. Hannah was super embarrassed and Jed made a joke out of it and was incredibly sweet about the situation. She told him that it looked way worse than it was. This guy is a class act.

Rose Ceremony

1) Jed (Group Date Rose)

2) Tyler G. (One-on-One Date Rose)

3) Dustin (Group Date Rose)

4) Tyler C.

5) Garrett

6) Devin

7) Connor S.

8) Luke P.

9) Dylan

10) Luke S.

11) Mike

12) Peter

13) Kevin

14) Jonathan

15) Joey

16) Matteo

17) John Paul Jones

18) Grant

19) Cam

Hannah said goodbye to Connor J., Daron, and Matthew. Cam tried to get everyone to do cheers to Hannah with his last name and the guys would not! She is looking for bold moves, but we'll see. Luke busted in on Hannah's post rose ceremony interview session. She sat on his lap and she again said she was concerned that he's more into the competition and isn't falling for her yet, but he told her "Everything I'm telling you is 100% real, I promise you." See a recap of their time together this episode in the video above.

Next week, Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen are on the show and it looks like things heat up between Hannah and Peter. Luke P. gets a little too upset when Hannah sees her making connections with other men. Will he get in his own way?