'The Golden Bachelor' Recap: The Women Tell All and Gerry's final 2 revealed

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Friday, November 10, 2023
Gerry and Faith talk about their breakup on 'The Golden Badchelor'
Faith gets some closure from Gerry following their breakup on "The Golden Bachelor."

NEW YORK -- This week's "The Golden Bachelor" episode contained the conclusion of last week's rose ceremony and "The Women Tell All."

One thing is for certain, these women classed up this whole show. They hopefully are providing their younger counterparts with how women truly can lift each other up, even in difficult emotional situations.

Looking Back on This Season

After a look back at the season so far and Gerry's fun with the ladies, the women talked about their first impressions and what their families thought about their time on the show. Some of the kids were a bit embarrassed by their moms, but overall they have a new understanding of who their mothers are, and it's refreshing!

Then they let Kathy talk about the "zip it" comments she made to Theresa and her accusations of Theresa oversharing. "Truly, it was in the moment and it's over," Kathy said. "To me, this show was so much about hope and what life offers us." I guess we'll have to get Theresa's side another time. Hopefully, it's all water under the bridge.

Susan's flatulence was the topic of the next segment. She ate Edith's guacamole, but others blamed Susan's meatballs. Kathy later confirmed from the bathroom, it was the meatballs. They all got a bit gassy. Then the women talked about how it's never too late to be your best self and reinvent who you are and LIVE! These women really are inspirational. Most importantly, Kris Jenner had a message to the women and called Susan "amazing" and said, "You nailed it doll!" They truly are each other's doppelgangers.

Joan in the Hot Seat

Joan was first in the hot seat to talk about her premature departure due to helping her daughter after the birth of her baby. Unfortunately, she had a great connection with Gerry, but the timing was just off with what she needed to do to help her family. Joan said she felt bad that she left Gerry crying. She revealed that her daughter had a serious case of postpartum depression but now her daughter and granddaughter are both doing well. Joan said if she hadn't left, she thought that Gerry and she might have gone the distance.

Ellen in the Hot Seat

Ellen was second in the hot seat. They recapped her fun relationship with Gerry and of course their amazing hot air balloon ride on their one-on-one date. Ellen is just so humble and sweet. Watching their breakup back was very sad. Gerry has a way of making each of them feel so special that it is hard for the women to have seen a breakup coming. Jesse Palmer gave her condolences about her friend Roberta who passed away from cancer. She was a true Bachelor Nation fan. She was in a semi-coma state when Ellen got home from filming. "I told her I don't want you to suffer anymore. We're going to watch the show, just from different places." Oh my goodness. This is so heartbreaking, it even Jesse was crying. Then, a special surprise... It's Roberta's daughter! "You were the best friend she could have ever asked for, if anyone deserves love and happiness it's you, you deserve the world!" Courtney said. I can't ever remember crying during a "Women Tell All" episode!

Gerry in the Hot Seat

Finally, Gerry came out to face the women he said goodbye to. He told them all that he thinks of them often and smiles about their time together. "Granddaughters be damned, I was having the fun time of my life!" Gerry said about kissing the women on TV. Sandra told Gerry he wasn't just a gentleman, but a gentle man and how important that is and how motivated she is to find that in her life again. Joan gave him best wishes, and they smiled.

Rose Ceremony Conclusion

Gerry said it's so hard to develop a connection with someone only to destroy it later. Jesse introduced the remainder of the rose ceremony from last week. If you remember, he selected Leslie. Who would get his second and final rose? Faith or Theresa? It was Theresa, meaning that Faith was eliminated. Fresh off an "I love you" during her hometown, too. The live crowd back with Jesse Palmer gasped in disbelief. Gotta watch out for that editing folks! You never know what we are seeing or not seeing of certain connections.

Gerry walked Faith out. He apologized for having to make the tough decision. Faith told him that she really thought it could have worked out and all Gerry said was that it was a joy getting to know her and that she has a good heart - he really didn't give her a reason. Faith was sad that her sons seemed relieved she found love and would be taken care of, only to have to go home and tell them the bad news. Faith also surmised that maybe it was all in her head. I think we all can agree, nope, it wasn't in your head Faith!

Faith Gets Closure from Gerry

Back in the studio, the women on stage called out to Faith, "We love you! We love you, Faith!" Faith cried watching the breakup back. Jesse told Faith that he was honestly shocked that Gerry let her go. Faith's only concern was that her family would be heartbroken.

Gerry joined Faith on stage. They shared a long hug, and Faith apologized at one point as they sat together that she couldn't stop touching him. She said she felt like he was a safe place for her, but when he walked her out, it was like she was looking at a stranger. Gerry said, "It was not nothing." He told her that he genuinely loved her in those moments. She admitted that if he had asked her to run away with him during her hometown she would have been his for the rest of his life. She didn't care about what would align or what wouldn't, but obviously, those were concerns for Gerry. He added that all three were wonderful, but only one would be the right one for him. He said he felt the worst about breaking the promise to protect her heart. "I didn't do that," Gerry said. He called it, "Awful." She called him a beautiful soul and said that her family didn't think badly of him. They are both wonderful people!

Coming Up

Gerry and his final two, Leslie and Theresa, head to Costa Rica to meet Gerry's family. They have their Fantasy Suites and final dates. He also tells Theresa he loves her, but says to Leslie, "I think you're the one." His daughters seem skeptical that one woman is ready for a commitment. Breaking up with one of the women pushes Gerry over the edge to where he says the only time he felt worse was when his wife passed away. Next week, we find out what happens in the fantasy suites! "It's not crossword puzzles and crocheting, I can tell you that," Jesse said. As for the big finale, we have to wait all the way until November 30th due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

"The Golden Bachelor" airs Thursday nights with "Bachelor in Paradise" following on ABC.