Community saves one of last remaining Bay Area roller skating rinks from shutting down

ByTim Johns KGO logo
Sunday, July 31, 2022
Community saves beloved East Bay roller rink from shutting down
The Golden Skate in San Ramon was scheduled to shut down at the end of July but with outpouring of community support, the roller rink is staying open.

SAN RAMON, Calif. (KGO) -- Look at it from the outside, and The Golden Skate in San Ramon looks like it's seen better days.

But go inside, and you'll discover that one of the last remaining roller skating rinks in the Bay Area is having a renaissance.

"We're really happy," said Manuel Duarte.

Duarte has been The Golden Skate's general manager for the last 25 years.

He says the boost in attendance is a recent phenomenon.

"Starting 2000, we've been going down every single year. Before the pandemic, we were really thinking we'd close down because we weren't really busy at all," Duarte said.

The rink was scheduled to close down at the end of July and be transformed into housing units.

But after the proposal fell through, news of the rink's closure spread throughout the community.

There was such a surge in attendance that now the rink is set to stay open for the foreseeable future.

It's thanks to people like William Haynes- who came out to skate with family and friends for the first time in decades.

"Let's say 40, 45 years ago," he said.

Haynes says establishments like The Golden Skate are more than just somewhere to have a good time.

They're also places to create memories with loved ones, grow a sense a community and pass down traditions generation to generation.

"Someplace else where kids can go and just enjoy themselves. Somewhere safe, indoors, be together, listen to music. Have some food," Haynes said.

So, for now, The Golden Skate will remain open.

And, if the people out here have any say, it will stay that way for a long time to come.

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