Disney's 'The Naughty Nine' is a holiday heist movie with heart

The stars of 'The Naughty Nine' reveal if they've been on the naughty list in real life.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2023
Disney's 'The Naughty Nine' is a holiday heist movie with heart
'The Naughty Nine,' on Disney Channel and Disney+ is a holiday heist movie with heart and humor.

LOS ANGLES -- What do you do if you end up on Santa's "naughty list" and get no Christmas presents? You go to the North Pole and steal them!

Ok don't actually do that, everyone. It's just the premise of the new movie, "The Naughty Nine," as director Alberto Belli told On The Red Carpet.

"This movie is about Andy who wakes up and doesn't have Christmas presents under the tree because he's been naughty. So he decides to gather other naughty listers to go and steal the presents from Santa."

"The thing that was most important to me when I was filming this movie was just working with all these great people. I had a really awesome time," said Winslow Fegley, who plays Andy.

Fegley admitted to On The Red Carpet that when he was younger, he did end up on the naughty list a few times. But what about his "The Naughty Nine" co-stars?

Camila Rodriguez admitted, "That is depending on the person who is judging, to be honest."

"I have a really good track record. Yeah, I have never been on the naughty list," said Imogen Cohen.

"Honestly, I do not count. But I do not think I have been on the naughty list," Ayden Elijah said. Ayden's dad, who was standing nearby, joked "No comment."

Watch them all do a nice job at being naughty in "The Naughty Nine." It airs on Disney Channel Nov. 22 and Disney+ November 23.

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