San Francisco NAACP leader calls Buffalo mass shooting 'a mirror of America'

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Monday, May 16, 2022
SF NAACP leader calls Buffalo mass shooting 'a mirror of America'
San Francisco's NAACP leader says Buffalo's mass shooting shows America is still infected with racism, hate towards Black people.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Shockwaves from the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York are being felt in the Bay Area.

"I'm sad to report to the audience that this is just a mirror of America," said Rev. Amos Brown, leader of the NAACP in San Francisco.

Rev. Brown responded to the supermarket shooting Saturday targeting the Black community and killing ten.

"It shows that America is still infected with this virus of race, injustice, and downright inhumane attitudes and treatment of Black people," said Rev. Brown, noting horrifying moments like this instill even more fear and uncertainty among Black Americans. "You don't know whether or not you're in harm's way if you go to the theatre, to the schoolhouse, to your job, even to the supermarket. That's how violent America is."

VIDEO: Retired cop who confronted gunman in Buffalo shooting hailed as hero: 'He went down fighting'

Retired cop Aaron Salter, one of 10 people killed in the mass shooting, is being praised for the valiant actions he took to protect others.

And the reverend said it extends far beyond one community - the shooter in Buffalo is just one example of the hate.

"This young man was infected with that virus, he was infected with the spirit of nationalism, racism, antisemitism, hatred of anyone who is different," said Rev. Brown.

Local leaders from within those different communities are reaching out to Rev. Brown with a message of solidarity and a call for action.

"You know what they are all saying is we feel the pain with you and we must stand in solidarity and call out this evil of hate and violence wherever it rears its ugly head," said Rev. Brown.

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A closer look at what the Buffalo community is doing to help each other following the weekend supermarket shooting rampage.

Jeff Lee is a local leader in Chinatown and one of the first to call the reverend as they face the fight against racial violence together.

"People are afraid to even leave their houses. We are in solidarity to make a call to action," said Lee, Vice President of Wah Ying Social Club.

On Monday evening the NAACP will host an urgent meeting to discuss the mass shooting.

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