2 tourists robbed at gunpoint at San Francisco's Twin Peaks

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Additional police are patrolling the Twin Peaks area in San Francisco after two tourists were robbed at gunpoint Monday night.

The robbery happened just after 10 p.m. Monday on the 400 block of Twin Peaks Boulevard.

Police say robberies there are rare compared to other tourist spots. Most of the tourists at Twin Peaks Tuesday didn't know about Monday night's robbery, but some locals did and say it's sad people visiting the city are at risk.

Like many newcomers to the Bay Area, Ada Beasley is getting to know her new home one day trip at a time.

"First time up here so we're excited," Beasley said. With a backpack in tow, Beasley is made her way up to Twin Peaks.

San Francisco Police say two men on the 400 block of Twin Peaks Boulevard were doing the same just after 10 p.m. Monday night when someone robbed them at gunpoint as the tourists were taking pictures.

"That's pretty frightening," said one tourist.

While some tourists didn't know about the robbery, other Bay Area residents have heard.

"Certainly the problems on Twin Peaks have been well documented," said Menlo Park resident Steven Schwerdfeger.

In December of 2015, two robbers beat an elderly man and stole his camera, passport and money. This past January, purse snatchers pepper sprayed a female tourist.

Still, police say robberies at Twin Peaks are rare compared to other tourist spots. A police spokesperson says most of the crimes there are car break-ins.

"It's sad that people can't visit the city and it's sad that the residents can't visit the landmarks like this and feel safe," Schwerdfeger said.

Police say the thieves Monday night got away with two tablets, a hard drive, camera, lens, USB drive and Euros. In response, the police captain has dedicated the Park Rapid Response Team to the area, as well as plain clothes units.

Peter Fairfull and his son Aaron are visiting from Australia and they decided to leave the fancy cameras at home and capture their memories on a cell phone.

"I can carry my phone in my pocket, it's easier," Fairfull said.

Easier and in this case, possibly safer.
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