BART shows off new trains as system prepares for last stage of testing

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- BART showed off its new train cars Monday as the transit system prepares for the last stage of testing before they officially go online in the fall.

Though they are not quite ready for prime time, BART's new train cars will be arriving as soon as one more round of testing during normal service hours is completed.

"It's a big step because that means 90 percent of the tests are done. We do have some punch list items we're still cleaning up. The passenger information system for one," BART Engineer John Garnham said.

There were a couple of rough stops during Monday's test run, but for the most part the trains are quieter and smoother than the current fleet of 40-year-old cars.

There are fewer seats, but only about two less than the current number, according to BART. And there are three doors on each side, instead of two.

"I think overall the customer experience on these cars is going to be a lot better. I think people are going to appreciate the three doors, the seats are comfortable. It's a nice car," BART's Assistant General Manager Paul Oversier said.

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