Travelers arriving at SFO describe earthquake in Mexico

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Passengers arriving at San Francisco International Airport from Mexico City were delayed several hours because of the deadly 7.1 earthquake.

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When they eventually arrived they had quite the story to tell. They were in their seats on the plane when the plane started shaking. They looked out the window to see other planes shaking and swaying.

They had to deplane and were not sure they'd be able to leave Mexico City Tuesday, but after several hours their plane was allowed to take off.

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One woman was supposed to fly from Sacramento to Houston to Mexico City but she missed her initial flight. She was rebooked to SFO and the earthquake hit during her layover.

She had tears in her eyes as she described talking with her brother, who is in Mexico City. He sent her a photo of a collapsed building just down the street from his apartment.

He's okay. She decided not to continue on to Mexico City. It's terrible déj vu for her. She was an elementary school student in Mexico City on this day in 1985 when the 8.0 quake hit.

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