Silicon Valley investors behind land purchase near Travis AFB want to build new city, source says

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Saturday, August 26, 2023
Mysterious land grab near Travis AFB meant for new city: source
Sources tell ABC7 News I-Team that a group of Silicon Valley investors plan to build a new city around Travis Air Force Base.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Another new development into the mysterious, nearly billion-dollar land acquisition in Solano County encroaching on Travis Air Force Base.

Sources tell the I-Team's Stephanie Sierra that several Bay Area tech giants are behind the massive land purchases and their intention is to build a new city that will generate thousands of jobs in Solano County.

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Those sources also confirmed the investment firm Flannery Associates representing the group has hired a political consulting group out of Sacramento. A representative of Acosta Consulting has contacted Congressman Mike Thompson and Congressman John Garamendi to schedule a meeting next week to discuss the firm's "general plans."

This is the first time a representative of the firm has reached out to meet with congressional leaders since the purchases started in 2018 - leading to a federal investigation after concerns were raised over national security.

The I-Team was the first to report that Flannery had acquired all available land around Travis. This followed a survey that was reportedly sent out to residents this week discussing plans to build a city in the eastern part of the county.

A source familiar with the matter has confirmed to the I-Team, that billionaire venture capitalist Michael Moritz had the idea to "invest in the creation of a new city" where land was cheap and could generate thousands of jobs. A source close to the network of investors told the I-Team, that Flannery is backed by the heavyweights of Silicon Valley.

Along with Moritz, that list includes wealthy venture capitalists and investors including Marc Andreessen, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Patrick and John Collison, the sibling co-founders of Stripe.

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"We're very, very concerned about this." A Solano County congressman is sounding the alarm about a mystery company that has bought $800 million of land near Travis AFB.

The I-Team has confirmed both Congressman Thompson and Congressman Garamendi are scheduled to meet with representatives of Flannery early next week.

Brian Brokaw, a representative for the investor group, released the following statement to ABC7 News:

"We care deeply about the future of Solano County and California and believe their best days are ahead. We are proud to partner on a project that aims to deliver access to good-paying jobs, affordable housing, clean energy, sustainable infrastructure, open space, and a healthy environment to residents of Solano County. We are excited to start working with residents and elected officials, as well as with Travis Air Force Base, on making that happen. That conversation starts next week, and we look forward to sharing more then," said Brian Brokaw, on behalf of Flannery."

Rep. John Garamendi released the following statement in response these recent developments:

"Flannery Associates has developed a very bad reputation in Solano County through their total secrecy and mistreatment of generational family farmers. Flannery Associates spent nearly $1 billion forcing families off the land and if they intend to build a megacity, they have a long way to go to establish trust in the community. The proposal of a megacity must answer legitimate community concerns about transportation, water, sanitation, and environmental impact.

My primary concern has always been the operational security of Travis Air Force Base, which is a critical element in our national security. Having purchased land on three sides of the base, they must come forward with specific plans and assurances that their development proposals will in no way degrade the operation of or erode security at the base."

Editors Note: Venture Capitalist Michael Moritz finances our media partner the San Francisco Standard.

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