Trump supporter in Santa suit uses knife to defend himself from Antifa members at Sacramento rally

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ByDan Noyes via KGO logo
Sunday, December 6, 2020
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Members of the anti-fascist group and Trump supporters clash at California state capitol where one Trump supporter uses a knife and pepper spray to defend himself.

SACRAMENTO (KGO) -- After weekly rallies at the state capitol by Trump supporters and the Proud Boys that often turned violent, counter protesters responded in a major way on Saturday.

More than a hundred members of various anti-fascist groups from around Northern California outnumbered Trump supporters who were calling for a recount of the presidential election.

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Police were successful keeping the groups apart for most of the day.

WATCH: I-TEAM's Dan Noyes captures video of President Trump supporter defending himself with a knife, pepper spray

But the I-Team's Dan Noyes took this video of a Trump supporter in a Santa suit who drew a large knife and pepper spray, trying to defend himself.

Another Trump supporter appeared to be knocked unconscious by assailants in black. Members of the anti-fascist crowd also vandalized more than a dozen of the Trump supporters' cars and trucks -- slashing tires, breaking windows, and filling the passenger compartment with pepper spray.