2020 Election: Poll determines voting preference based on common first names

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Monday, November 2, 2020
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The New York Times and Siena College conducted polls in almost every battleground state, creating a large database of likely voter names and their presidential candidate preferences for this election.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Do you think your name correlates with the candidate you support?

The New York Times and Siena College did a deep dive on this topic.

They conducted polls in almost every battleground state and created a large database of likely voters and their preferences. The data had names of more than 17,000 likely voters in 18 states and which presidential candidate they prefer since Sept. 2020.

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The report looked at more than 100 first names.

In short, they found that Richard, Thomas, William and Nancy were most likely to support President Trump.

Karen, Barbara, Lisa, Patricia, Deborah and Samuel were most likely to support Biden.

The names Joseph and Paul were tied for Trump and Biden.

Here's a longer list:


Donald, Jason, Ronald, Janet, Brian, Scott, Aaron, Ryan, Cheryl, Timothy, Betty, Richard, Debra, Jerry, Gregory, Kenneth, Joshua, Donna, Thomas, Douglas, Mark, Charles, Larry, William, Daniel, Nancy, Russell, Jonathan, Dennis, Michael, Robert, Nicholas, Matthew, James, Jennifer, Brenda, Gary, Joyce, Andrew, Ashley, Diane, Kevin, Jeffrey, Kimberly, Pamela, John, Virginia, Jessica, Julie, Angela, Christine, Linda, Steven, George, David, Edward


Christopher, Amanda, Peter, Michelle, Mary, Raymond, Susan, Sharon, Carol, Elizabeth, Carolyn, Melissa, Lisa, Patricia, Ann, Laura, Samuel, Deborah, Sandra, Marilyn, Nicole, Stephanie, Barbara, Justin, Stephen, Katherine, Cynthia, Shirley, Amy, Eric, Karen, Judith, Rebecca, Maria, Anthony, Kathleen, Jacob, Heather, Jane, Margaret, Catherine, Dorothy, Patrick, Sarah

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