Many drivers looking at costly repairs due to gas station mistake in South Lake Tahoe

FRESNO, Calif. -- Dozens of drivers are now looking at costly repairs after they filled up at a gas station in South Lake Tahoe that had their gasoline and diesel mislabeled.

Some drivers only topped off a few gallons and just had a check engine light come on.

Other drivers had to bring their vehicles into a mechanic.

"If you drove it until it stopped, then everything from the motor back has to be cleaned out," says Geoff Bodle, the owner of Sierra Nevada Tire and Wheel.

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Shops all across South Lake Tahoe are still repairing the vehicles impacted on New Year's Day.

They say hundreds of drivers could have been impacted because the gas station didn't realize the mistake for four days.

Safeway, which runs the gas station, has apologized to customers and says the issue has been fixed.

Impacted drivers are asked to contact its customer service, which will review claims for reimbursement.
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