Grand jury to consider charges in death of Sandra Bland

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Sunday, December 13, 2015
Grand jury hearing on Sandra Bland case
Grand jury hearing on Sandra Bland case.

PRAIRIE VIEW, TX -- After meeting for eight hours behind closed doors, the grand jury investigating the death of Sandra Bland wrapped up for the week, but more work remains.

"The matter is not concluded at this time, there is additional work and we'll be back," said Chad Dick, one of the special prosecutors assigned to handle the investigation.

The Sandra Bland story attracted international attention when earlier this year, she was detained and arrested just outside Prairie view A&M University. Bland then spent three days in the Waller County Jail before she allegedly killed herself inside her cell.

The circumstances surrounding her arrest and then her time spent in jail raised a variety of questions. As a result, several special prosecutors were appointed to look into the matter and determine if anyone committed a crime during that time.

"Our job is not to target anyone specific; our job is to look at the law, the facts, everything that's occurred and make decisions based on that," said Dick.

Bland's close friend LaVaughn Mosley has followed the proceedings closely. Bland stayed at his Prairie View home when she drove into the town to take a job at her alma matter. Mosley, who still does not believe that Bland killed herself, says he is glad to see the grand jury approaching the case methodically.

"Justice is taking place, the criminal justice system is at work," said Mosley. "That's why these processes are put in place so indictments can be handed down. The evidence can be looked at, and we can get justice for Sandra Bland."

Prosecutors say the grand jury will meet again before Christmas. And no matter what the outcome, they want to ensure the process is fair.

"The process has been much more complex when we took on the job, and we take it very serious. We want to do the right thing to make sure justice is done," said special prosecutor Shawn McDonald.