2 Santa Clara County correctional deputies arrested

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Saturday, October 3, 2015
2 more Santa Clara County jail deputies arrested
The Santa Clara Sheriff's Office arrested two Sheriff Correctional Deputies Friday as a result of two separate investigations.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office arrested two correctional deputies Friday as a result of two separate investigations that began last month.

One deputy is accused of filing a false workers' compensation claim and the other was arrested for allegedly accessing confidential information, officials say.

On Friday, an arrest warrant was executed on Santa Clara County Correctional Deputy Ryan Saunders, who was arrested on eight misdemeanor counts for allegedly accessing confidential records from the Criminal Justice Information Control database of people he had personal relationships with.

Officials say Saunders has been on paid administrative leave since September 17.

An arrest warrant was also executed for Santa Clara County Correctional Deputy Mark Navarrete, who is accused of workers' compensation fraud and allegedly violating California Penal Code 550(a)(1) and Insurance Code 1871.4 (a)(1)&(2). Both are felonies.

Navarrete sustained an off-duty injury playing softball but officials say he fraudulently filed claims that his injury occurred in the workplace while on duty.

Officials say Navarette has been on paid administrative leave since September 17 as well.

Both Saunders and Nabvarette were booked into Santa Clara County Main Jail Friday, according to Santa Clara County officials.

"The Sheriff's Office has high expectations of every individual who has taken the sworn oath to uphold the law," stated Sheriff Laurie Smith. "Sadly, if these allegations are true, these deputies did not live up to the standards of our office and they violated the public trust and for that they must be held accountable."

These arrests, although not related, comes on the heels of the arrests of three correctional deputies for reportedly beating a mentally ill inmate, Michael Tyree, to death and left him bleeding from internal injuries.

Another inmate, Walter Roches, died a week after he was forcibly extracted from his cell. And the Coroner is now awaiting lab results to determine cause of death.

The sheriff says she wants to set up a blue ribbon commission to improve the handing of jail inmates. Sheriff Laurie Smith said her office is reviewing up to 100 complaints involving jail operations. More arrests could be coming.