Waterless lawns considered the future of landscaping

FRESNO, Calif. -- Waterless lawns are considered the future of landscaping, but now it's taken an even different turn, with companies training you to put in those lawns yourself!

Expense and expertise have kept a lot of interested home and business owners away from synthetic lawns. Now, those who want to save water, and take the mission on themselves for a lesser price can do so with the help of a local warehouse.

Fresno resident Harold Magnuson was sick and tired of caring for his lawn. "The thing that pushed us over the edge was the hot weather, even watering it the minimum we could it was stressing the grass out."

Magnuson didn't like the way it looked. Patchy, brown and thirsty. He called around, and after hearing how busy many turf companies are, he turned to California Turf Warehouse: a new business, same concept, with a different way of doing things.

Owner Brad Allen says it's a business model that's the first of its kind in Central California.

"We don't want to install ourselves we want to cater to contractors there's going to be plenty of work out there," said Allen.

You pick your grass, you get all the materials that go with it and you go to classes, held by California Turf Warehouse. Licensed installers will teach you how to do it yourself.

Lately those classes have been packed with contractors learning the new trick of their trade.

Landscape contractor Dustin Majchen said, "With the drought situation landscapes are going in a different direction people want an alternative to grass."

Majchen just finished a class, took extensive notes and expects to see many homeowners taking up the job on their own.

"The DIY-ers, weekend warriors can take the class, learn themselves it's a big market this synthetic grass," added Majchen.

If you're not up for the learning experience, well you can still pick your grass and pick someone to install it too, which is what Harold Magnuson decided to do. He tells us his three day old lawn has never looked better or easier.

"Watering it, fertilizing it, mowing it, I don't have to do that," said Magnuson.

If you do decide to train and install yourself, California Turf Warehouse will provide an expert to help you make sure it's done correctly and perfectly.

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