Tourists, locals fight heavy rain and wind in San Francisco as Bay Area gets soaking

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Tourists and locals have been fighting weather in the Bay Area all day.

ABC7 News saw the high wind advisory in action on Saturday night. The gusts showed no mercy as people fought their way along San Francisco's Embarcadero with each step. Hats flew off and umbrellas were flipped backwards.

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"It's crazy," Julienne Contreras, a San Francisco State University student, said.

Downpours, trees through power lines and disabled vehicles all played a role in Saturday's storm. Contreras is from Los Angeles and hadn't seen weather like that before.

"In LA, it's sunny. Like once and a while, rain but nothing compared to how it is here at all," she said.

Lots of locals got soaked leaving the Warriors game. The Dubs got a win so they can't feel too bad. And really, if you ask most people from here, the storm wasn't "too bad."

"No, I've been through way worse," Juan, a Bay Area resident, said.

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Mathew Urena told ABC7 News the weather felt like a tropical vacation compared to his home in Alberta, Canada.

"It's about -30 Celsius and really snowing," Urena said. "It's like you're stuck in a freezer even if you're wearing a jacket."

The CHP has put out a warning that may seem obvious to many, but please slow down while you're on the roads.

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