Meet the Whiting Indiana Buscias, everyone's favorite Polish grandmas!

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Monday, January 10, 2022
Meet the Buscias, everyone's favorite Polish grandmas!
These group of woman in Whiting, Indiana, dress up as everyone's favorite Polish grandmas!

WHITING, Ind. -- The Pierogi Fest is held annually in Whiting, Indiana (right outside of Chicago) and it brings the weird and wacky! These group of woman, known for their wild personalities, dress up as Polish grandmothers and have become local celebrities! The term "buscia" means grandma, and after 30 years, these women are still paying tribute to their heritage and grandmothers.

"People come up to us and say 'Oh you remind me of my grandma. You remind me of my aunt.' The old Polish, Slovak, Eastern-European... and that just touches our hearts," says Carolyn Kruszynski.

"This is honestly how our grandmas were. It's just a wonderful way to honor them," says Jean Lovasko.

The Buscias not only make appearances at the Pierogi Fest, but also at other local parades, sporting events, holidays and even have their own cooking show.

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