VIDEO: Hungry wild pigs take over San Ramon neighborhoods

SAN RAMON, Calif. (KGO) -- Dozens of homeowners in San Ramon are at their wits end about some uninvited visitors, which are trashing their properties nightly. Wild pigs are on the hunt for food and so far, there's no stopping them.

"I think we might be fighting a losing battle, every day it's getting worse and worse," said homeowner Cindy Smith.

Smith's front lawn looks like it was bulldozed. Actually, wild pigs have been feasting there, searching for subterranean insects, otherwise known as grubs.

Several other homes in the Westside Drive neighborhood look the same. The wild pigs were recently caught on a home security camera digging meticulously for grubs.

Several miles away, the homeowners association at Norris Canyon Estates held in an emergency meeting Thursday on what to do about the renegade swine which have trashed roughly 20 properties inside the gated community.

"There's about 25 of them out there, the pigs are big too, about 400 to 500 pounds," said homeowner Don Covington.

Experts say the wild pigs live and breed in nearby open space. The return of the rainy season has made the ground soft, easy for the pigs to dig.

The Westside Drive Homeowner's association plans to use an eco-friendly means to "de-grub" turf to try and keep the pigs away.

It's not the first time wild pigs have feasted in these neighborhoods, in 2013 pigs went on a feeding frenzy, destroying numerous lawns and landscapes. Now it seems they are back for seconds.
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