William Lipton, San Mateo teen on 'General Hospital' talks about show return, performs new song live

ByKristen Sze and Eric Shackelford KGO logo
Thursday, August 6, 2020
San Mateo teen on 'General Hospital' performs new song
San Mateo teen on 'General Hospital' performs new song

SAN MATEO, Calif (KGO) -- "General Hospital" actor William Lipton has two Emmy nominations, but more importantly, he just had his third performance on "Midday Live." Was it his best yet? ABC7's Reggie Aqui and Jobina Fortson certainly think so.

Lipton is a senior at San Mateo High School, but he's heading back to Los Angeles to return filming "General Hospital." New episodes started airing August 3 on ABC. But ABC7 Anchor Kristen Sze caught up with him moments before he hit the road back to Southern California. "I'm excited, one just to see my 'GH' family again, I miss everyone very dearly," Lipton said. "But two, I'm excited to resume giving content to the fans who have been really patient during these times."

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"General Hospital" ran out of new episodes in May and, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are just returning to the set. Of course, the one thing on everyone's mind: How are they staying safe? Lipton says they'll follow state guidelines and he feels very safe returning to the set as protocols are in place to make sure the cast and crew are vetted.

As for school, Lipton says he'll be working on set at times where classes might be happening, so he is going to work closely with his teachers, virtually, to make sure he stays on top of his learning - even if it's from a distance.

Lipton wrapped up the interview by debuting 'Heart of Fortune," an original song he wrote after a friend of his went through a rough relationship. Check it out in the video above and make sure to watch "General Hospital" weekdays at 2 p.m. on ABC7.

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