San Jose's Winchester Mystery House hosts Friday the 13th haunted flashlight tour

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- It's Friday the 13th and the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose is doing its part to make it extra spooky.

The mansion is holding a series of flashlight tours with stories of the its haunted past.

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Visitors can expect to be guided throughout the house while hearing the unnerving stories.

The home's previous owner, Sarah Winchester, was obsessed with the number 13.

Unsurprisingly, the home has 13 bathrooms, 13 fireplaces and 13 steps in a flight of stairs.

At 1 p.m. during the 13th hour, the mansion's historic bell rang 13 times in Sarah's honor.

For the brave-hearted, the flashlight tours begin Friday night at 5:30 and last until midnight.

You can visit its website for more information.

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