49% of US employees still work even during vacation, study shows

Monday, April 4, 2022
Do you still work even during a vacation?
Research shows that many employees struggle to disconnect from work even during a vacation -- after years of working a pandemic hybrid schedule.

SAN FRANCISCO -- The pandemic has led to Americans prioritizing their life over work, but not when it comes to vacation time off.

At a time of year when people are booking spring and summer getaways and taking advantage of the warm weather, research shows that many employees still struggle to disconnect from work after years of working a hybrid schedule.

A study conducted by experience management company Qualtrics found that 49% of U.S. employees typically work at least an hour a day while on vacation, as many say they are expected to be online or answer calls and emails. As a result, 27% of the employees say they do not feel relaxed after taking time off, with 58% workers saying their job is the main source of their mental health problems.

VIDEO: Top 5 tips to avoid burnout during the COVID-19 pandemic

Demir Bentley graduated from UC Berkeley and escaped the high-stress pressures that countless other Americans are feeling in their careers right now.

So, how can employees avoid burnout and what can employers do about it?

Dr. Benjamin Granger, the head of employee experience advisory services at Qualtrics, spoke to ABC7's Jobina Fortson about the study and what can be done to minimize burnout on and off work.

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