Father films 14-month-old-daughter playing with python, sparks online outrage

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Monday, January 5, 2015

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Jamie Guarino, 34, is a snake handler based in Michigan. Recently, video emerged of Guarino's 14-month-old daughter Alyssa playing with his pet python snake Nay-Nay. Guarino argues that his daughter was in no danger when playing with the snake.

"I was trying to show that snakes are not evil creatures, they can be a loving pet despite their bad reputation," Guarino said in the video. "When people see the way Nay-Nay is with Alyssa they mostly react with fear or negativity and I don't understand why."

The video has sparked a strong reaction, with many still claiming the snake was dangerous.

"This guy has a love for his snakes, which is perfectly fine, but it's made him blind to the fact that is DOES remain a dangerous animal, especially towards a baby," commented YouTube user TheBlackMM2.

"That guy doesn't get it sadly, she still can be unsafe if left alone with a snake or even a dog, you just don't know, she's (sic) fine if there is an adult around watching though," commented YouTube user TechXSoftware.

Guarino claims to have been a snake charmer since he was 18, and has even introduced his other daughters Krista, 10, and Alyssa, 3, into the family business. Guarino and Krista host their own YouTube channel SnakeHuntersTV, where they regularly upload videos of them handling snakes.

Do you think Guarino's baby daughter was safe around the large python?