Acceptance at the heart of 'Zombies 3' on Disney+, cast members say

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Sunday, July 10, 2022
The cast of 'Zombies 3' talks about starring in the Disney+ Original Movie
The cast of 'Zombies 3' talks about starring in the Disney+ Original Movie set to premiere on Friday, July 15.

NEW YORK -- Your favorite zombies and werewolves are back in "Zombies 3," but this time there's an alien invasion!

Zed (Milo Manheim) and Addison (Meg Donnelly) are enjoying their senior year at Seabrook High and planning for their future together.

"It's amazing! We're back with our family and now we have three new family members," Manheim said.

But when aliens suddenly land, they bring competition not only to the cheerleaders but also to Zed who is hoping to be the first zombie to attend college.

"Addison is a lot more confident than she's ever been. I think she's really content with everyone at Seabrook and that she's found people, and she doesn't really care until the aliens come and that question presents itself yet again," Donnelly said.

So who is Addison, where is she from? Donnelly promises we will find out the answer, and where her white hair comes from!

The werewolf pack has been accepted in town since "Zombies 2," but will they come around to the aliens the way the zombies did for them?

A non-binary alien named A-spen (Terry Hu) first sets her sights on Zed, but then later finds her emotional equivalent in werewolf Willa (Chandler Kinney).

"Terry is amazing and I'm so excited for everybody to get to meet A-spen who is such a beautiful, layered character," Kinney said.

It's the first time Disney has included a non-binary character in a Disney Channel Original Movie. (The very first non-binary character for Disney to ever include was Raine Whispers, in the series "The Owl House.")

The cheerleaders are struggling to win their annual competition, the werewolves are again protecting their moonstone, and the zombies are still struggling to be included in the world as the aliens try to understand human/zombie/werewolf emotions.

At the center of the conclusion of this movie trilogy is a message of acceptance.

You can watch the Disney+ original movie "Zombies 3" when it premieres on Friday, July 15.