Walking shoes put to the test

October 7, 2008 8:42:08 AM PDT
If you're on your feet a lot, you might want a pair of good walking shoes. Finney finds out which shoes are made for walking.

Before going out and buying your next pair of walking shoes, you'll need to do some legwork first.

Take a piece of paper, and walk on it with your wet bare feet. Then look at your imprint.

"If you see a lot of your foot in the wet imprint that means you have a low arch, and you'll need something like the Asics Gel Walker. It has a lot of support here at the bottom. Its wider than other shoes, and it has a lot of support here," said Kathleen Huddy, Good Housekeeping Institute.

A little imprint of your foot means you have a high arch. And if that's you, Good Housekeeping recommends the Brooks Defyance. They say it'll give you lots of support.

One podiatrist says you don't have to spend a lot to get quality.

"If price were the deciding factor, I would go with the least expensive. The quality of them look ideal," said James Korponay, podiatrist.

High on Good Housekeeping's list is the "Saucony Grid Instep RT" for $60.

Look for a walking shoe that easily bends at the forefront. You want the shoe to be flexible for walking.