Hurricanes predicted for Hawaii could impact travel from Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (KGO) -- Two hurricanes are expected to hit the Hawaiian Islands. The first one, Madeline is expected to pass dangerously close to the big island Wednesday.

Lester, the second one, will hit on Saturday and Sunday. People traveling there are just realizing what this threat could mean to their travel plans.

Luis Hernandez of Oakland came to the airport Tuesday to drop off a relative. On Wednesday he'll be on his way to Hawaii not knowing what awaits him.

"I'm hearing about it right now. It's kind of scary knowing that I'm flying there tomorrow and you're telling me the winds, Category 4," Hernandez said.

A hurricane warning has been issued for the big island. A tropical storm watch is in effect for some of the other islands. People there can expect heavy winds, rain and high surf. So far, no flights have been cancelled. The airlines have yet to issue a weather advisory.

One passenger was not flying to Hawaii, but owns a home in Maui.

"I have some folks there that are looking after it, you have to, I mean the amount of rain that can fall in such short amount of time is staggering," said one man.

A second hurricane, Lester is threatening the islands for the Labor Day weekend.

Meanwhile, Hernandez who just got married, hopes he's not forced to cancel his trip.

"Hopefully just pray that it will die down like you say. I can at least enjoy my honeymoon and see Hawaii for the first time," Hernandez said.

One airline told it's already seeing the effect of this threat. Their planes are practically empty, suggesting that some passengers have already cancelled their plans,
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