Mr. Dewie's Cashew Creamery in Albany offers ice cream free of dairy, preservatives

ALBANY, Calif. (KGO) -- Ice cream normally comes from cows. But at a new creamery in the East Bay, there isn't a dairy product in sight. Here's more on the "nutty" idea that's become a success.

Mr. Dewie's Cashew Creamery has flavors from the classic to the exotic. Including their newest - turmeric spice.

Founders Andrew and Ari Cohen say it's been a huge hit.

Served in cups or homemade waffle cones, they compare it to gelato.

"It has a very creamy sensation," said one customer. "So, it's got a good mouth feel as they say."

It's not just the flavor and texture that are unique.

"And the attractive gray color," said regular customer Conni Silva with a laugh. "I thought, how could this possibly taste like strawberry? But, it's wonderful."

You see, Mr. Dewie's has no artificial coloring.

"There's no preservatives, no gums, no oils," said Ari.

And, no milk. It's an ice cream made entirely from cashews by two lactose intolerant brothers.

"For people to really grasp how good it is, you have to taste it," said Andrew. "Our slogan is one taste and you'll go nuts."

Years ago, Andrew and Ari sold their ice cream in supermarkets. There were only a few flavors, and vegan ice cream had a bad reputation.

"The alternatives out there just fell short," said Andrew. "They're either icy or chalky or flavorless."

So six months ago, they rebooted the business; pulling out of the freezer aisle to open their own dairy-free ice cream shop.

"Ice cream cookie sand, bonbons, hot fudge sundaes, all vegan," said Ari.

Serving customers face to face, the brothers have gotten to see a lot more of what may be their favorite moment - the moment of surprise. They say it never gets old.

"The biggest skeptics will come in, and once they try it they're like putty in our hands," said Andrew.

The brothers say it's no secret the smooth texture comes from all the fat, but not the kind of fat you find in milk.

"There's zero cholesterol, very low saturated fat, so it's good heart healthy fat," Ari said.

The kind that comes from oodles of expensive cashews. But they're not skimping.

"Our bottom line isn't profit, our bottom line is smiles," said Andrew. "So we're not the greatest business people. But we have a great following."
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