VIDEO: Surfers catch big waves at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. (KGO) -- Just because Mavericks hasn't happened yet doesn't mean surfers aren't out in Half Moon Bay to take advantage of the big waves.

VIDEO: 100 scary seconds: What it's like to wipe out on a 50 foot wave at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay

SKY7 was above the high surf on Monday afternoon and caught all the action.

According to the National Weather Service Bay Area, the monster waves ranked the 7th highest since 1987 in Monterey Bay.

VIDEO: Surfers brave monster Mavericks waves, despite no competition

Organizers for Mavericks say by Thursday, conditions would be clean but not consistent enough to have a competition.

They add they have plenty of time left in the window to hold the event and January is typically the best time for Mavericks.

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