High Surf Advisory issued for entire Bay Area coastline

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Friday, October 18, 2019
High Surf Advisory issued for entire Bay Area coastline
A High Surf Advisory has created massive waves for surfers along coastlines in the Bay Area.

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. (KGO) -- A High Surf Advisory is in effect right now at Northern California Beaches. It went into effect yesterday but the largest waves are expected Friday morning.

Pacifica residents surveyed the waves for us this morning.

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"I think they're a little high but not too bad. I have seen worse but I wouldn't go in there today," said Louie Contreras who was out for a walk along the shore with his 3-year-old son and his Golden Doodle puppy.

"It's 'too high for surfing' high surf, it's not really super high surf. When the surf is high here, it comes over these rocks and smashes into these houses and it gets really wet. You can walk all the way down the promenade today and not get wet," said Terri Echelbarger.

We did meet a man and woman who got hit with a bit of sea spray.

"We did! When we were on that side, we did! It scared us a little bit but we are ok, just enjoying the day," said Ethel Gumban.

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The Pacifica Pier is open but there are not a lot of people fishing from it today.

"It's not a great day for fishing. Usually you see 30 people out here and there's nobody out here on the pier right now," said Echelbarger.

The High Surf Advisory is in effect until 9 p.m. The advisory warns that breaking waves could reach heights between 8 to 12 feet on Thursday and building to 10 to 13 feet by Friday morning. Breaking waves will reach 15 to 20 feet in favored locations such

as the Mavericks break near Half Moon Bay.

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