Home entertainment evolves with 4K HDR TV

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The home theater experience keeps getting better and better. The latest in television technology offers more vivid and colorful viewing.

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4K HDR is said to be the latest and greatest in home entertainment.

Antony Varghese at Best Buy tells us the most important advantage is picture quality. "Over a billion different shades of color are missing on a 4K TV that doesn't have HDR."

Derek Brookmeyer of Dolby puts it another way. "You get a high dynamic range which is all about contrast," he said. "So the differences between the darkest blacks and the whitest whites as well as wider color gamut which is all about more color and displaying more colors on screen."

Dolby Vision is a competing format to HDR10.

"It's a little bit similar to HDR, but they are a lot more active when it comes to showing you a little better picture quality," said Varghese.

But Dolby Vision and HDR10 offer high dynamic range, but are delivered in different ways.

LG and Vizio support Dolby Vision. Samsung and Sony are going with HDR10.

The good news is videos in one format are compatible with the other.

"HDR is something that's going to improve all sorts of content, whether its movies, TV shows, games, other forms of entertainment," said Brookmeyer.

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Jeff Lee is with Tech Bargains. He says the great thing about HDR over 4K is there's already more content on HDR than there was last year on 4K. "The HDR standard is going to be more widely accepted especially when big technology companies like Dolby get involved with it," Lee said.

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