Chocolate & wine: A match made in heaven

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It may seem obvious to pair dark chocolate with a robust red wine, but be careful.

"It can be a train wreck in your mouth," said Michael Recchiuti, founder of Recchiuti Confections in San Francisco, who explains that wine with a high acidity like a Cabernet Sauvignon does not combine well with dark chocolate, which also has high acidity.

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Instead, Recchiuti recommends pairing it with a milk chocolate, which has fat that can cut down on the tannins in the wine.

Dark chocolate pairs better with Zinfandel, which is lighter in body and are more fruity. Rose is also a good choice.

"I recommend you try the chocolate first, then the wine and you go back and forth," said Recchiuti, who advises that you try different combinations of chocolate and wine to see what best suits your palate.

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