FedEx offers condolences after death of driver in Danville crash

DANVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- FedEx and many others are expressing their condolences to the driver after a deadly incident where a 26-year-old Sacramento man was killed Monday morning after a crash on Interstate 680 in Danville.

He was identified as Ravikesh Kumar.

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It happened near El Pintado Road. The truck overturned on the freeway spilling dozens of packages.

Both FedEx and USPS are sharing their condolences Monday night to the family of Kumar. In the meantime -- both delivery agencies are working to get those packages to their final destinations on the busiest delivery day of the year,

Dozens of packages spilled into the road after a delivery truck hit an abandoned minivan on the shoulder of 680 Southbound in Contra Costa County. The truck overturned and hit a metal pole trapping Kumar inside. He later died at the hospital.

"We send our condolences to that family," said USPS spokesperson Gus Ruiz. "It's unfortunate that it happens any time of the year, but there could not be a worse time of year I would think."

Ruiz says the truck that overturned was a third party contractor, "It was a consolidator contracted by FedEx that was delivering mail to us in San Jose so that we could take ownership of it, so that we could deliver that last mile for them."

Crews spent hours cleaning up the roadway so that all of the packages could be brought to the San Jose USPS facility.

"If we get it in good condition it's in good hands and we deliver that piece for them," Ruiz told ABC7 News.

FedEx says customers should contact the shipper to begin the claims process if they suspect their shipment has been damaged. They can track their packages at fedex-dot-com or by calling 1-800-Go-Fedex.

"Everything happens at once or sometimes nothing happens so you just have to be prepared," Ruiz continued.
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