Consumer Catch-up: Airlines waiving fees, FTC scam warning, Sears may file bankruptcy

Thursday, October 11, 2018
Consumer Catch-up: Airlines waiving fees, Sears may file bankruptcy
Airlines are waiving fees for flights impacted by Hurricane Michael. Plus, Sears may be on the brink of bankruptcy.

Airlines waive change fees ahead of Hurricane Michael

Hundreds of flights are canceled and airlines waiving change fees ahead of Hurricane Michael slamming the Florida panhandle. says Delta has the most cancellations, at 51. Many of those flights were to and from airports in Florida and Atlanta.

More cancellations are already planned along the East Coast for Thursday and Friday.

On Twitter, Panama City Airport posted it plans to open back up Thursday, dependent on storm damage.

American Airlines posted a travel alert allowing flight changes if re-booked by Sunday.

Delta will also allow passengers to re-book by Sunday.

United says passengers can re-book by Thursday, October 18 without change fees or fare differences.

Southwest Airlines normally does not charge change fees, but the airline posted its own travel advisory online.

Be sure to check with your individual airline for policies and fees.

FTC warns about hurricane scams

The Federal Trade Commission is warning about charity scams after Hurricane Michael.

The FTC says that is on top of scams the organization has already seen surrounding recent Hurricane Florence.

There are several steps you can take to avoid getting scammed. First, check out the charity online. Find out if it is registered in your state.

Don't assume that charity messages you see on social media are legitimate. Confirm the phone numbers if you choose to make a donation via text message.

If you have already researched the charity, make sure to designate the specific disaster to make sure your donation goes to disaster relief.

If you find a charity you think is a scam, report it to the FTC.

Sears may be nearing bankruptcy

Once America's largest retailer and employer, Sears may now be close to bankruptcy.

The company added a new director this week who is familiar with bankruptcies and restructuring.

And one of Sears' major shareholders sold a big chunk of stock for pennies on the dollar.

Sears Holdings, the parent company of Sears and Kmart, has until October 15 to pay $134 million in debt.

Stock dropped 30 percent in pre-market trading, and closed down almost 17 percent.

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