Consumer Catch-up: rescan your antenna, American allowing carry-ons, Coke water machine

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Friday, July 27, 2018
Consumer Catch-up: rescan your antenna, American allowing carry-ons
Consumer Reports says tv station changes mean you should rescan your antenna, plus American is backing (slightly) away from its strict Basic Economy luggage rules. The consumer news you need to know for Thursday, July 26, 2018.

Rescan your television antenna

If you use an antenna to tune in to local TV channels, Consumer Reports says it is time to do a rescan.

Many stations are moving to new broadcast frequencies over the next 18 to 24 months. In order to make sure your antenna still picks up your favorite shows, you will need to rescan.

Have your television do an automatic update to look for new channels. Press "Menu" on your remote, and then you may find the option under "Settings" or "Setup."

Even though the frequency may change, the channel number stays the same. You will still find us on Channel 7.

Antennas have made a comeback as more people look to cut cable and satellite TV costs. After the initial cost of the antenna, the shows it picks up are free to watch.

Stations are moving frequencies to make room for more wireless services. You can find out more about why stations are changing their frequencies here.

American Airlines to allow Basic Economy carry-ons

American Airlines is making a small luggage concession to fliers with Basic Economy class tickets. Starting September 5, passengers will be able to bring carry-on luggage on board.

Currently, people with a Basic Economy ticket can only bring into the cabin a personal item that fits under the seat in front of them.

American Airlines says the change will help make the company more competitive. Delta already allows its Basic Economy passengers to bring carry-on luggage on board.

Coca-Cola testing flavored water dispenser

Coca-Cola is hoping free filtered water may turn into a profitable business idea. The company is testing a machine on Georgia Tech's campus that allows people to fill up water bottles for free.

Then you can choose to pay a little extra to add carbonation and flavor to the water.

Coke is looking for new ways to make money as Americans are drinking less soda. Still, some are concerned it may lead to the branding of plain drinking water.

The company plans to test the machines on more college campuses this fall.

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